Babuji Maharaj: Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur. Founder of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, which was named after his Master Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh (Lalaji Maharaj). Babuji standardised the practice of Sahaj Marg meditation. A gentle-hearted being, the full extent of whose spiritual work we may never know.

Chariji Maharaj: Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari. Disciple of Babuji Maharaj and the former president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission,, who brought Sahaj Marg meditation into an international forum. A lion-hearted, immensely generous being who spent fifty years of his life devoted to bringing spirituality to the world.

Heartfulness: The heart-based meditation practice of attending to the Divine Light in the heart. A balanced lifestyle, guided by inner wisdom.

Kamlesh D. Patel: President of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. A magnanimous spiritual teacher, whom I’ve personally worked with. An exemplification of poise and spiritual service.

Lalaji Maharaj: Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh. The ‘Adi Guru’ of Sahaj Marg, who rediscovered the lost art of yogic transmission.

Meditation: “To think of one thing continuously.” Really speaking, we are meditating on whatever we think about. The practice of meditation trains our minds to centre on our true nature, balancing our tendencies and clearing out unwanted habits.

Preceptor: A trained facilitator of the Sahaj Marg meditation practice.

Sahaj Marg: Translated as ‘The Natural Path’, this universal meditation practice is a simplified form of raja yoga. Free of cost, the method uniquely uses yogic transmission, creating subtlety in our being and allowing the mind to orient to our heart’s wisdom. Sahaj Marg is practiced in over a hundred countries worldwide.

Shri Ram Chandra Mission: The spiritual organisation founded by Babuji Maharaj in 1945, to offer Sahaj Marg meditation. The Mission’s aim is to awaken divine consciousness in man. Mission headquarters are located in Chennai, India.

Transmission: The flow of prana, or life force, to clear away past impressions and instil love in our hearts. “The utilization of divine energy for the transformation of man.”

Yoga: The science of uniting with the Divine within. A practical approach to Reality.

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