I spent my youth yearning to experience the divinity I knew was present. In my early twenties, I found that effective connection in Sahaj Marg meditation called Heartfulness. Though the search is over, the adventure has only now begun. Since starting meditation, countless imbalances that had previously overwhelmed me have cleared and continue to level off.

Now, joy and love permeate my daily experience. I take time every day to attune to the inner guide in my heart. This innate guidance has brought both immense spiritual elation and constructive practical approaches in challenging times. Now a few years into my practice, I have been given the privilege to serve as a meditation facilitator, conducting individual and group meditations. I am involved in workshops on starting the practice around the New York area.

I currently work as a freelance graphic designer. I'm also happily volunteering as an editor and designer for the Heartfulness Magazine. I love giggling with friends, plant-based cooking and natural expanses.

It is with great joy I share some glimpses into how divine guidance has graced my life. May you uncover the love within that is your birthright.


Learn more about meditation and experience it for yourself at: www.heartfulness.org

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  1. Dear Emma,

    It is great to read this post. I was very happy to note that you share my experience that a sincere heartfelt prayer led you to the path of self-discovery. I had a similar experience too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement! I'm glad to hear you've been well-served in your inner adventure. What a joy to be on the planet on such a potent time for humanity's elevation.