Jun 26, 2015


In Sahaj Marg, one of the most fun parts of the adventure is the little synchronistic alignments that keep happening one after another. Though the rational mind may write these off as mere random coincidences, their frequency and specificity never ceases to bring wonder and awe to my experience of the journey, practicing meditation. One of these synchronicities stands out in particular.

In August 2013 I visited the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Chennai for the first time to meditate and meet Charji Maharaj. A couple days after my arrival, a group of us saw him for the first time. I was asked to present a small mobile of hearts that one of the women at our Los Angeles center had made for him. We gathered in outside his cottage, and I timidly went up to present it. I was shaking with anticipation, and could barely look him in the eye. He said, “you brought this all the way from there?” It was a modest offering, but I was happy as a child to be at his side for the first time.

Jun 18, 2015


I’ll always remember the first time I met Kamlesh Patel. It was February 2014, the second time I went to India to visit a Sahaj Marg event. I didn’t have a lot of vacation time at work, but after my first visit my heart knew I had to return. My whole trip took only a week, with a total of five days on the ground. Though I know now I will always stay as long as humanly possible, I was happy for every absurd minute of travel time, every wink of jetlag, every itchy mosquito bite.

I was traveling to a three day gathering of about 30,000 meditators to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lalaji Maharaj, the founder of Sahaj Marg. Those heart-packed days felt like my perception lagged behind the immense gifts being given, slowly digesting the grace showering within.  I had already begun to understand the beauty with which the practice had endowed my life.  Here was another milestone of potency.

Jun 3, 2015


When I first started practicing Sahaj Marg, I had no idea of the vast wealth that awaited me. Sometimes I would hear new elements about the practice or new information about the spiritual journey and think, why has no one mentioned this before? One fellow aspirant put it beautifully. She told me that we come to new information as we’re ready to assimilate it. Her words were important for me to hear, as sometimes I can get into an all-or-nothing approach. I can want to know everything right away and can forget that all worthy endeavors are a gradual process.

One aspect of Sahaj Marg a number of us in the West confront is the concept of “the Master”. People kept talking about “Master” after group meditation, and frankly I was confused about what this whole master business was about. There was Master, the man, Charji Maharaj, who was living in India whom I hadn’t met. He was the president of the Mission, and someone whose speeches we heard a lot. Then there was the Master within – the eternal divine presence. This was the Master we prayed to, the Divine Source that I found a new experiential relationship with as I progressed. Why, then, were people using the words so interchangeably, and did they mean that this Chariji person was God?