Sep 4, 2015


My good friend once said, meditation isn’t hard; it’s as natural as brushing your teeth. You do it and you feel cleaner. You can skip a day or so, but if you don’t do it for a while you feel kind of icky. Then you do it and it feels great again, so you keep doing it!

I loved her sentiment and feel similarly. I know though that for some of us there’s still the mental monster under the bed: there’s not enough time…do it later…five minutes is enough… You may know what I’m talking about.

Well kick that critter out of your headroom and give yourself the extra motivation to revel in that magical inner space. Here are a few simple tips on setting yourself up for success in a regular practice:

♥ Me time
When else do you take the time to just be with just you (hint: TV and internet scrolling don’t count)? You have your day, your friends, your family, your work your errands…you name it! Giving yourself that extra thirty minutes, that quiet internal hour is like receiving 1000% interest in your life bank –it adds up exponentially. Think of meditation like a free personal spa treatment where you get to unwind and relax. So, why wouldn’t you! (Okay, sometimes it’s a more challenging sitting, but then it’s like Swedish massage, right? A bit intense during but so clearing after!)

♥ Find a special spot
Set up a regular place that’s only for meditation. It will beckon to you to come enjoy the deep expanse within. What would feel good for you? A cushy floor pillow? A comfy chair? Twinkle lights? A special shawl? Give your meditation space that extra something to make it sing.

♥ Like clockwork
Setting aside a certain time to meditate not only makes it more likely to happen, it also adds a beautiful rhythm to your day, your week, your life. What’s that time of day for you? For me, it’s early in the morning just before sunrise when everything is still and serene. When I’m done the birds start chirping and the sun peeks up from behind the fence. Swoon. Maybe for you it’s first thing when you wake up, or noon when you give yourself a breath in your day, or when the sun is just going down on the horizon. Making the time regular makes the practice regular.

♥ Get a journal
I’m a bit of a dork when it comes to my meditation journal. I love looking for a special design, recycled pages, inspiring quotes. Find a way to make your journal unique. Maybe you mod podge a design on the cover. Maybe you’re more into the classic Moleskine look. Journaling after meditation gives that extra space for reflection and helps expand the condition you feel by taking the time to really notice it. It’s also really fun to reread your journal from last year and see not only how much you’ve developed as a human but also laugh at the things you used to stress about that are no longer a part of your reality J

♥ With your friends
Having a community or accountability partner helps a ton. For the Heartfulness meditation I practice, we have weekly group meditations and individual sittings where we have the space to go even deeper. Having that community reinforcement really helped me get my meditation regular. Find a friend who will check in with you every day to support each other’s practice. Don’t have a meditation community? Start holding group meditations in your home once a week or monthly. Aside from the extra answerability, a group resonating deeply in the heart expands the potency of meditation. (Have you ever meditated with 50,000 people? I highly recommend it!)

We all understand the benefit of meditation. Get the most out of it. It’s like a free gym membership to relax your brain workout your heart. Like a good friend always says, “If it’s free, it’s for me!”


  1. Dear Sr. Emma,

    As usual a very detailed, thought provoking post from you. Liked it. Will try to oncorporate the same in my daily life!! Thanks for sharing....

  2. I love these tips! It really makes meditation seem less daunting and more doable.

  3. Hi Emma,
    Greetings! Very well written article. Am from Chennai. Like your idea of using our creative mind to make the journal look unique.
    God bless

  4. Thank you for nice and simple tips. I will definitely incorporate them in my daily meditation.

  5. Very simple, nice, and easy to follow. Imagining meditating with 50,000 people ! - waw ! what an exponential effect that would be !

    Thank you for Sharing.

    1. Thanks Bhagyashree! Yes, it's an amazing experience that we get a chance to do about four times a year if you're in India...