Jun 18, 2015


I’ll always remember the first time I met Kamlesh Patel. It was February 2014, the second time I went to India to visit a Sahaj Marg event. I didn’t have a lot of vacation time at work, but after my first visit my heart knew I had to return. My whole trip took only a week, with a total of five days on the ground. Though I know now I will always stay as long as humanly possible, I was happy for every absurd minute of travel time, every wink of jetlag, every itchy mosquito bite.

I was traveling to a three day gathering of about 30,000 meditators to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lalaji Maharaj, the founder of Sahaj Marg. Those heart-packed days felt like my perception lagged behind the immense gifts being given, slowly digesting the grace showering within.  I had already begun to understand the beauty with which the practice had endowed my life.  Here was another milestone of potency.

On our way back from the grounds outside Coimbatore, we were all returning to Chennai to the Babuji Memorial Ashram. Kamleshji had arrived at the airport only just after us, promptly transitioning into a sky club to unwind after the of the seminar's busy days. But in the small airport, when his flight was called, he came into the communal waiting area. I kept a wide berth, hesitant to overcrowd him. One of the meditation facilitators I knew asked if I had met him yet. When I answered in the negative, she ushered me over, and I sat in front of him.

She introduced us. He and I talked a bit about the center in Los Angeles and the challenges of people joining meditation and then being distracted by so much around the city. He said we have to be very generous with newcomers, encouraging them to take their time to come to the practice on their own. It was beautiful to hear this openness, as the talks the preceding days were filled with motivation to deepen and strengthen our practice. At one point there was a pause in conversation. Then I instigated again and we talked for a short time until his flight was called.

After he had walked away to the runway I felt something unexpected. My heart silently swelled with a feeling of love and warmth. It was like a divine flower blossoming deep inside my being, filling me with subtle joy. I began to tear up. This man was to take over as president of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission. I had already felt love for Chariji Maharaj. And I had felt Kamleshji’s presence in my meditations. Now my heart was confirming that we were in capable hands. And my brain was catching up with the amazing reality that this method induces.

When I looked at my friend, overcome with amazement, she said, “I could tell when he looked away he was transmitting to you.” I felt truly inspired to understand in my own experience what my companion also noticed and Kamleshji confirmed: this system of meditation works effectively, transmission yields to love, and the lineage of guides are masterful beings here to lead us to our highest selves.

The gratitude and wonder I feel can hardly be expressed. May we all come to see the beauty within us. May we all share in the bounty of our human quest to embody our divine birthright.


  1. Almost everyone today feels his life to be a hard struggle for existence, confronting acute problems of poverty, insecurity, distress and rivalry, and it is almost impossible to keep himself free from its effects. The result is the constant unrest and disturbance of mind. We breathe in the same thing from the atmosphere and are consequently led away by circumstances and surroundings. Our individual mind has become the weather-cock, turning its face at every blast towards the direction in which the wind blows... The real hero in the struggle is one who braves them courageously and keeps himself free from their effect.
    Taken from the book "Reality at Dawn", Chapter "Ways and Means", pg. 25, by Babuji Maharaj