Jun 26, 2015


In Sahaj Marg, one of the most fun parts of the adventure is the little synchronistic alignments that keep happening one after another. Though the rational mind may write these off as mere random coincidences, their frequency and specificity never ceases to bring wonder and awe to my experience of the journey, practicing meditation. One of these synchronicities stands out in particular.

In August 2013 I visited the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Chennai for the first time to meditate and meet Charji Maharaj. A couple days after my arrival, a group of us saw him for the first time. I was asked to present a small mobile of hearts that one of the women at our Los Angeles center had made for him. We gathered in outside his cottage, and I timidly went up to present it. I was shaking with anticipation, and could barely look him in the eye. He said, “you brought this all the way from there?” It was a modest offering, but I was happy as a child to be at his side for the first time.

Later that day, one man who had been in the crowd with us told me he had taken a picture of me when I presented the mobile. He got my email address, saying he would send me the pictures as a token of my first visit. Upon my return to the States, however, months passed and I hadn’t heard from the man. I tried to find his contact information, but to no avail.

At the end of the year, my heart was pulling me back to visit India. I didn’t have very much vacation time at my job and was unclear how to proceed. After much hemming and hawing, I finally mustered up the trust and put in a vacation request. Later that very same afternoon, I got the email from that man with the pictures of me meeting Charji!! It was such an obvious synchronicity. It felt like the Universe’s way of mirroring my heart’s commitment.  I went back to India for the second time in February 2014, having a joyous, deep (though brief) trip.

Later in the year I spent five months at the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Chennai. (More about that in coming posts.) Late in my visit in November, a friend of mine had come back from Bangalore. She had been leading a spiritual workshop on Sahaj Marg for a few days there. She kept saying how she was resonating with all that transpired there. I was a bit excited to go too, and she suggested I touch base with Kamleshji, since I had been working on some projects. I sent him an email that morning. But when I was walking home that night, something inside of me thought twice. I felt I should remain here at the ashram. I wanted to be close to Kamleshji and Chariji Maharaj, even if I wasn’t seeing them so much in person. I chose to stay.

That next morning I checked my email. Kamleshji had responded that I should follow my heart and not get carried away by other’s experiences. He had confirmed what I already understood. But then, I noticed another email in my inbox from a woman on the photo team. It was titled “Surprise”. I opened it curiously. I was not anticipating what I saw. The message had an attachment of not one, but three pictures of my first meeting with Chariji when I was presenting the mobile!

The symbolic meaning of being sent this event two separate and unique times, immediately following a choice to be at the ashram struck me deeply. I felt such gratitude and amazement at the subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) communication that when we choose to follow the heart’s Master, we witnesses responses in ways we can only begin to comprehend.

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  1. Excellent post Emma! Amazing to hear your experiences going to India for the first time!